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Looking for The Ultimate Bucket List?

Need ideas? You've come to the right place. See what thousands of other Buckaroos are calling the best of the best; share with friends, add your own goals, and get some much needed inspiration. ...[more]

We dream in different ways, in different languages, in different time zones. Different as we are, some things seem universal: our dreams, our goals and the rush that comes from scratching them off a BucketList — they unite us. And some goals are so great, so full of life, that we all end up dreaming of them at one point or another.

For those who have never made a list, these are the top 50 Bucket List ideas you never knew you were dreaming of. For those who already have their lists, you're not alone. Everybody dreams.

Top 5 Bucket List Ideas

  1. 1See The Northern Lights

    6826 listings


  2. 2Skydive

    3904 listings

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  3. 3Get A Tattoo

    3780 listings


  4. 4Go On A Cruise

    3330 listings


  5. 5Swim With Dolphins

    3021 listings

    List Act!

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Big, bold, and unapologetically awesome!

These goals have consistently topped the lists of Buckaroos all over the world. Admit it, you've dreamed about at least one of them before.

Ranging from far-off picturesque snapshots to real life occasions that could surprise you any day, let's face it, these goals are popular for a reason. Think of them as the greatest hits of your dad's favorite band ... except, you know, goals. You can experiment, take risks, and try new things — but you've got to respect the classics.

There's a lot more to this list (and to dreaming), but for dreamers and risk takers everywhere, this is the place to start.

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Top 10 Bucket List Ideas

  1. 6Get Married

    2921 listings


  2. 7Go Scuba Diving

    2438 listings

    List Act!

  3. 8Buy A House

    2168 listings


  4. 9Go Skydiving

    2103 listings

    List Act!

  5. 10Run A Marathon

    2101 listings


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Life isn't supposed to be a highlight reel

One day you're at the top, but most you're climbing up from the bottom. That's how it works. Goals don't need to be flashy or tailor made for Instagram to be worth doing.

Great goals can arrive from simple questions: What type of life do I want? How can I make myself better? What's my biggest fear?

Accomplishing personal goals and reaching personal mile markers you've set is just as important as making it big in the eyes of the outside world.

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Top 20 Bucket List Ideas

  1. 11See The Pyramids In Egypt

    2070 listings

    List Act!

  2. 12Visit The Grand Canyon

    2054 listings


  3. 13Write A Book

    1988 listings


  4. 14Go Zip-Lining

    1950 listings

    List Act!

  5. 15Ride An Elephant

    1850 listings


  6. 16Donate Blood

    1776 listings


  7. 17Visit Every Continent

    1718 listings


  8. 18Learn To Surf

    1672 listings

    List Act!

  9. 19Go White Water Rafting

    1667 listings

    List Act!

  10. 20Ride A Gondola In Venice

    1663 listings

    List Act!

Top 50

What we do defines who we are

There are things everyone should try at least once and thing YOU should do before you die. The further we get from the top of this list, the more unique and personal the goals tends to be.

Great worldly experiences shouldn't be missed, but your bucket list shouldn't end there. Choose the road less traveled - choose uncetianty and find you own way - find your destiny.

From exploring concrete jungles and sailing the ocean blue to soaring through the skies in a hot air balloon: Destiny arrives in many forms and is always hiding around the next corner. But one thing destiny doesn't do is house calls - you've got to chase it

Top 50 Bucket List Ideas ... and thousands more...

  1. 21Go To Paris

    1562 listings


  2. 22Go Parasailing

    1507 listings

    List Act!

  3. 23Send A Message In A Bottle

    1453 listings


  4. 24Fly A Hot Air Balloon

    1449 listings

    List Act!

  5. 25Visit New York City
  6. 26Have Children

    1357 listings


  7. 27Go To Disney World

    1350 listings


  8. 28Fly First Class

    1316 listings


  9. 29Go To Australia

    1312 listings


  10. 30Fall In Love

    1253 listings


  11. 31Go On A Safari In Africa

    1249 listings


  12. 32Sleep Under The Stars

    1224 listings


  13. 33Go Skinny Dipping

    1218 listings


  14. 34See The Great Wall Of China

    1210 listings


  15. 35Visit Hawaii

    1160 listings

    List Act!

  16. 36Bungee Jump

    1139 listings

    List Act!

  17. 37Go To The Airport And Take The Next Random Flight Somewhere.

    1123 listings


  18. 38Visit All 50 States

    1111 listings


  19. 39Learn Sign Language

    1101 listings


  20. 40Travel The World

    1013 listings


  21. 41Go To Greece

    985 listings


  22. 42Experience Zero Gravity

    959 listings


  23. 43Go Zorbing!

    955 listings


  24. 44Learn To Play The Guitar

    933 listings

    List Act!

  25. 45Visit Las Vegas

    901 listings


  26. 46Go Whale Watching

    891 listings

    List Act!

  27. 47Visit Italy

    882 listings

    List Act!

  28. 48Visit Ireland

    869 listings


  29. 49Go Bungee Jumping.

    856 listings

    List Act!

  30. 50Ride A Camel

    816 listings


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To infinity and beyond!

The best BucketLists are a mix between epic experiences, finding yourself and giving back to the world. Travel to distant lands, become an expert or try something for the first time, find out where your comfort zone is and then jump off the edge.

Everyone dreams, so why dream alone? BucketList connects you with dreamers and risk takers just like you. Dream out loud, swap favors, and live life to the fullest.

Like what you see? Keep browsing through thousands of bucket list ideas submitted by Buckaroos like you. List it, like it, live it.

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