The World from Coos Bay, Oregon (2024)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 TheWorid A5 Meeting good guy online requires serious search Megaload delayed a day; Oregon haul to start Monday i a vTV sm 1-AH ci. i hiy Ik-- DEAR ABBY: May I address a question you printed on July 24? Where Are the Good Guys? has trouble meeting men and wrote about seeking sexual partners on Craigslist. You answered that there were no good men there. Well, I met my boyfriend of two years through a no strings attached ad I posted on Craigslist. It turns out we had a strong attraction and chemistry, and hes one of my best friends.

So what if we were adults who wanted a casual relationship to start with? Dont judge everyone that way. The rea- jL, Tl 4J wf The Associated Press Bottles to be crushed and used in roadbeds are shown at Delta Sand and Gravel Co. in Eugene, Oct 10. Tens of thousands of Eugene and Springfield residents routinely rinse and set aside nondeposit wine, juice and other bottles and jars, then put them out for curbside recycling in specially marked boxes. That doesn't mean the glass ends up being smelted and made into new bottles and jars.

Instead it goes to landfills, where it is dumped, crushed and spread out on landfill roads, or layered to help with landfill drainage. Glass recycling, by the numbers through Eastern Oregon is about 315 miles. Much of it is on Highways 395 and 26 in some of the most sparsely populated areas of the state. About 20 protesters gathered at the port north of Hermiston on Sunday night to decry the shipment to a project that environmentalists have criticized for adding to greenhouse gases and aggravating global warming, the East Oregonian newspaper reported. The company hauled one load of the refinery equipment across U.S.

Highway 12 earlier this year, but a federal judge stopped a second load from crossing tribal and environmentally sensitive lands. Idaho Transportation Department engineers are studying the shippers route through the state. Agency officials on Monday outlined more specifics of the map, starting from Homedale in the southwest comer where the load will enter he state. From Homedale, the proposed route takes the load through Marsing and the desert south of the Snake River before connecting with 1-84 near Glenns Ferry. The load then heads west on the interstate to Mountain Home and exiting at U.S.

Highway 20 and through the centri Idaho towns of Fairfield, Carey and Arco. The last leg of the Idaho route includes state. Highway 28 through Leadore and U.S. Highway 93 through Salmon. 5 ck tried to confront his stepmother with a weekend demonstration outside her homeinRoseburg.

Desiree Young and friends wrote Wheres Kyron? in chalk Saturday outside the home where Terri Horman lives with her mother. The mother called police and complained about trespassing and vandalism. Young told KGW she was making a statement that her son is apriority and shes not giving up trying to find out what happened to him. The second-grader was last seen at school in Portland in June 2010. PORTLAND(AP) A load of oil refinery equipment approaching a million pounds and bound for the tar sands of western Canada is expected to begin moving through Eastern Oregon on Monday after a nights delay.

The load is the first of three that a Hillsboro company specializing in jumbo shipments is expected to haul through Oregon, Idaho and Montana on its way to Alberta. The load is for a water purification system described as vital to the oil extraction project. It was supposed to leave the Port of Umatilla along the Columbia River on Sunday night, but the equipment took longer than expected to load up, said Holly Zander, spokeswoman for Omega Morgan. The load and transport vehicle are about 380 feet long, 23 feet wide and 19 feet high, according to the state Department of Transportation. The height precludes travel on Interstate 84, except for a short stretch near Pendleton where it will use on- and off-ramps to get around overpasses, the agency said.

Oregon rules allow the megaload to move only after dark, and for no more than 8 hours a night. Crews will block two-lane highways, and the transport must pull over every five to seven miles if traffic needs to get by. Oregon inmate has been charged with aggravated murder in the nearly 2-year-old slaying of a fellow prisoner, according to court records. Terry Lapich, 32, was indicted late last week and has yet to be arraigned or provided a public defender. He previously was identified as the suspect in the killing of Michael Hagen, who died at a Boise hospital in February 2012 after being found unconscious at the Snake River Correctional Institution.

Hagens widow, Tiffany Hagen, has informed the state she plans to file a lawsuit. She said prison officials ignored her husbands request for protection from cellmates who allegedly threatened to kill Hagen if he did not pay rent. We are disheartened to see how long it has taken to Christmas tree delivered to Capitol SALEM (AP)-Its beginning to look like the holidays at the Capitol in Salem. Department of Forestry workers delivered a 32-foot i -i the Inmate indicted in The Statesman Journal reports volunteers are decorating the tree with lights and ornaments for the lighting ceremony next Monday. The transportation department said vehicles could expect delays of to 20 minutes.

The route planned PORTLAND (AP) An The load leaves Idaho and enters southwestern Montana at Lost Trail Pass, with an elevation of more than 7,000 feet. If I u31 uBuMx0 Tj get an indictment, her ill 4f 4f -tff 4 State digest The incidents revealed Monday bring the total number of the known security breaches to three. A Salem woman said last week that she received pages of the applications of two strangers, including names, birthdates and information about Social Security and income. Cover Oregon says similar incidents were reported on Tuesday and Friday. Cover Oregon Spokeswoman Ariane Holm told the Statesman Journal that all three incidents are under investigation.

The agencys current theory is that the pages were picked up from the same printer by a customer service representative who did not realize other peoples pages were in the pile. demonstrates PORTLAND (AP), The mother of Kyron Horman Obituary Johns Nov. 24, 1956, in Coos Bay and they were later sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. He drove log tracks on the road over Golden and Silver Falls for many years. He operated heavy equipment for a logging camp on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska for several years and then returned to Coos Bay where he owned and operated Roods Rivermead Dairy for 20 years and then raised beef cattle for many more years.

All the while he continued to work in the sawmill for Weyerhaeuser and. later drove oil tankers for several local distributers. Clair was a member of the Coos Bay Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and had served faithfully in many positions throughout his life. He was a board member and past president of the Coos Grange and had been a 4-H leader for more than 20 years. He loved to hunt with his family and friends and had gone hunting this year Arrangements are pending with Coos Bay Chapel, 541-267-3131.

David Thomas Abernathy 68, of Coos Bay, passed away Nov. 24, 2013, in Coos Bay. Arrangements are pending son that woman is having problems is shes using the site to find sex partners when she really wants more. She needs to look in the rela-tionship section or on a relationship site. Dont blame men for wanting to have sex when thats what shes advertising.

They arent all bad. They are actually more truthful than she is. HAPPILY COUPLED IN OMAHA DEAR HAPPILY COUPLED: I heard from many readers who described successful relationships that started online. I did not mean to imply that there are no good men on Craigslist. My concern was the writer was looking for a meaningful, lasting relationship in a category where people look for casual sex.

Others identified with W.A.T.G.G.s problem and were quick to offer their views: DEAR ABBY: Im a female, 59, and like the woman in that letter, also not considered beautiful. But I do have two very good men friends in my life, and I met them both online. There ARE men of quality out there. You just have to be careful and read between the lines. Abby, online personals are the new bar scene -DONNA IN MISSOURI DEAR ABBY: While I agree with you that she should talk to a psychologist about her low self-esteem, it IS possible to find a true partner online IF you are dedicated and serious.

I subscribed to a dating service 32 years ago and met a wonderful woman on the site. We are married now and expecting ourfirstbaby. HAPPY HUSBAND IN MIAMI DEAR ABBY: Where Are the Good Guys? says shes not beautiful by any means," and that means meeting good guys wont happen. That is SO not the case! I was a homecoming queen and have always been attractive, but many of the men I dated married plainer women because they were looking for wife-and-mother types and not a high-maintenance beauty queen. You dont meet the right" men because of your looks; you meet them in the right PLACES where you have common interests church, volunteer work and all the other places that Dear Abby keeps telling folks about! RUTHIN VIRGINIA DEAR ABBY: When I was younger, I had problems with low self-esteem and also engaged in a series of meaningless relationships.

Horn past experience, I strongly encourage this lady to have herself checked for STDs if she had unprotected sex with any of these mea Making sure you protect your health is a major step in learning to love and care for yourself. Also, when Mr. Right does come along, she wont have to worry abort her health status hanging over her head. HAVE REALLY BEEN THEREINDENVER DEAR ABBY: Im a good guy and there are many other guys like me. If she would put in the time and effort to talk to one of us, get to know us, she will find what shes looking for.

Iam so sick of women saying they want a nice guy and then running in the opposite direction. Her words say one thing, but her actions say something else. OUT HERE WAITING IN CLEVELAND EUGENE (AP) Glass recycling in Oregon, 2010 Non-deposit glass bottles, jars collected curbside in Oregon: 51,528 tons Amount remanufactured into bottles and other glass products: 27,788 tons (54 percent of total) Amount dumped at landfills for use as road base, drainage systems, 23,740 tons (46 percent) Glass bottles collected under Oregons bottle bill via deposit return program: 55,796 tons Amount that was remanufactured back into bottles and other similar glass products: 55,290 tons (99 percent of total) Amount turned into road base material at landfills: 506 tons (1 percent) Cover Oregon tfisdoses 2 more security breaches SALEM (AP) Oregons troubled health insurance sonal information jjppli- cants was sent to the wrong people. Clair Alva Rood April 28, 1936-Nov. 2L 2013 A funeral service will be held for Clair Alva Rood, 77, of Coos Bay, at 1 p.m.

Saturday, Nov. 30, at the Church, of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 3355 Virginia in North Bend. Visitation will be from noon to 1 p.m. Saturday at the church. Interment will follow at the Allegany Cemetery in Allegany.

Clair was bom April 28, 1936, in Marshfield, the son of Leonard L. and Orla Melvina (Sanford) Rood. He passed away Nov. 21, 2013, in Coos Bay. Clair was raised on a farm up the river and attended the Coos River School.

He graduated from Marshfield High School in 1955. Clair was married to Pamela Sue Death Notices Mark Cromwell 64, of Coos Bay, passed away Nov. 22, 2013, in Coos Bay. Arrangements are pending with Coos Bay Chapel, 541-267-3131. Stephanie Lynn These 48, of Coos Bay, passed away Nov.

22, 2013, in Coos Bay, Arrangements are pending with Coos Bay Chapel, 541-267-3131. Robert Leon Fitch 82, of Coos Bay, passed away Nov. 23, 2013, in Coos Bay. Funeral Saturday, Nov. 30 Michael G.

Erdman, celebration of life memorial service, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 1290 Thompson Road, Coos Bay. Obituaries are paid announcements. Information is provided by mortuaries and family members. Callmortuaries for information. ne.

attorney, Dennis Steinman, said Monday. Malheur County District Attorney Dan Norris and an assistant district attorney did not return phone calls Monday seeking comment. 1 Norris told The Associated Press a couple weeks ago that the Hagen case was taking a long time because the death penalty is an option and the investigation must be thorough. Steinman, the attorney representing Hagens widow, said they have been waiting for the criminal case to advance before filing their lawsuit. Notice provided to the state of a potential claim said Hagen fought back in October 2011 because he wanted to be sent to a segregation unit, or the hole, for safety reasons.

He was killed shortly after being released from the hole. 7110 Dau Brea's Qnlu Crematory Licensed Certified Operators LOCALLY OWNED ALL FUNERAL INSURANCE PLANS ACCEPTED 4 Locations To Serve You Chapels Veterans Honors Reception Rooms Video Tributes Mausoleum Columbariums Cremation Gardens Caring Pet Cremation Formerly Campbell-Watkins Mills-Bryan-Sherwood Funeral Homes www coosbsvaresfunerah com now offers placins 1 pet obituaries. This is a fee service. Contact Amanda Johnson for more information at with his dear friend Jerry Huff. He was much loved and will be missed by all who knew him.

He is survived by his wife, Pam Rood of Coos Bay; sons, Clair A. and Laurie Rood Jr. of Farmington, Utah, Kevin and Marie Rood of Logan, Utah, Kerry and Rachel Rood of Providence, Utah, and Kyle and Mario Rood of Clackamas; daughters, Kathy and Dan Cunha-Johnson of Castle Rock, and Kristi and David Sypher of Longview, 26 grandchildren; 26 greatgrandchildren; brothers, Lynn Rood of Mt. angel, Gale Rood of Dallas, and Neil Rood of Mexico; sisters, Arlys Rood of White City and Rovelle Rood of Oregon City; numerous nieces and nephews; and special caregiver and niece, Krista Cook of Coos Bay. Arrangements are under, the direction of Nelsons Bay Area Mortuary, 541-267-4216.

Sign the guestbook at with Coos Bay Chapel, 541-267-3131. Philip J. Gascon 76, of North Bend, died Nov. 20, 2013, in Coos Bay.

Arrangements are pending with North Bend Chapel, 541-756-0440. Phone: 541.269.2S51 405 Elrod, Coos Bay 541-267-4216 Crtamation Specialists irTmnwfim.Tiaiiilsaag' urfaffjCremMo mrnnerkt Serviced art 'trafef i Itjyrlfe Cjroue Uunerat Service Say 4rea Simple Cremation A Bund. Crematory on Premises, licensed A Certified Operators. 1525 Ocean Bird NW P.O. Box 749, Coos Bay, OR Nelson's Bay Area Mortuary Caring Compassionate Service I.

The World from Coos Bay, Oregon (2024)


Does Coos Bay have a newspaper? ›

The World Newspaper | Coos Bay OR.

What is the economy of Coos Bay Oregon? ›

The largest industries in Coos County, OR are Healthcare & Social Assistance(3,943), Retail trade (3,148), and Manufacturing (2,055), and the highest paying industries are Utilities($55,417), Finance & Insurance ($35,292), and Educational Services ($33,438). Median household income in Coos County, OR is $39,110.

What is the local newspaper in the Bay Area? ›

SFGATE: San Francisco Bay Area News, Sports, Culture, Travel, Food and Drink.

Does Bend Oregon have a newspaper? ›

The Source Weekly - Bend, Oregon.

Does Coos Bay have a homeless problem? ›

In Coos Bay, homelessness is a growing concern for residents, with some saying it is impacting every facet of their life. Last year, Coos County reported eight deaths of people experiencing homelessness within a two month period. Tara Johnson is the executive director of the Devereux Center, a local homeless shelter.

Why is Coos Bay famous? ›

Since the 16th century, the area's dramatic beaches, promontories, blazing sunsets, endless stands of massive forests, golden dunes, and waters teeming with fish have awed explorers of the southern Oregon coast.

Is Coos Bay a good town to live in? ›

Living in Coos Bay offers residents a sparse suburban feel and most residents own their homes. Many young professionals and retirees live in Coos Bay and residents tend to lean conservative.

What is a major newspaper in North Carolina? ›

The newspapers with the largest paid circulation are The Charlotte Observer and The News & Observer of Raleigh. The largest number of North Carolina newspapers are focused on local news at the county level.

What is the name of the newspaper in Roseburg Oregon? ›

The News-Review | Roseburg OR.

What is the local newspaper in Portland Oregon? ›

Portland News Newspapers

The Oregonian is primary obtained by subscription, it is a daily paper and is commonly viewed as the standard Oregon newspaper.

What is the newspaper in Port Orford Oregon? ›

The Port Orford News is a weekly newspaper published in Port Orford on the coast of the U.S. state of Oregon since 1926.


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