Springy and Villains: a Luketron Live Special (2024)

Springy and Villains: a Luketron Live Special is a 2024 Malaysian-Singaporean-American-British 2D animated-3D computer-animated-live-action-puppetry teen-adult action-adventure-horror-comedy-drama-fantasy-livestreaming film


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A Who at this for Michael TubeHD at this at Livestreaming, Watch as they come face-to-face with a jury of former contestants to make their arguments for why they deserve to win the game. And all will go according to plan. After learning the truth about the game's prize, the final three decide to fight for something far more precious... another chance. WHO WILL WIN THE MOVIE?! LET'S FIND OUT!.


Over on a remote part of Paradise, Sprinkles is seen sleeping in a nest. She is awoken by the nearby voice of Springy. A heavily deformed Springy, alongside Walkie-Talkie, stands with three robots based off of the Final 3. Springy tells Walkie to “give it a try”, and after some struggle, Walkie manages to control the movements of one of the robots. Springy notices Sprinkles, realizing she was one of the Inani-Mates that escaped MePhone’s “horrifying challenge”. Walkie tells her that they had felt her woes. Springy says that Walkie had saved him after he had tried to “help” MePhone4. Springy gets upset, glitching violently before he falls to the ground. He tells Walkie he didn’t glitch like this until he met MePhone. Sprinkles gets out of hiding and joins the duo, giving Walkie the idea to create an army of beings to get RID of MePhone.

Michael TubeHD when get to join BlueTheFortune.

Cabby and Balloon panic while writing quickly inside of files. Silver Spoon approaches them, upset with how loud they were being. Balloon asks how he was so relaxed, due to them facing the Jury later that day. Cabby says that all the effort they went through into the game would be for nothing if they couldn’t explain themselves well to the Jury. Silver lays down on the Pic-Nix Table, joking about how he was the only finalist “gifted with knowledge”. Balloon tries to fight against his statement, but struggles to say a sentence. He and Cabby then slander him, while creating various foods at the Pic-Nix Tables. Silver says they were just making up phrases, with Balloon then using this statement against him. The three laugh together, as a nervous MePhone4 watches from a distance. The Floor appears, surprised on how they had reached the final day of the competition. He asks if he needs to bring anything over, looking at a folder on MePhone’s desk with the number “4” on it. MePhone quickly grabs it and hides it, saying it was scrapped thoughts of his.

Walkie-Talkie commands her new army to move out, as they prepare to ambush MePhone. Pin and Puffball are trying to block the doors to stop a zombified Barf Bag from getting inside the Hotel whilst Donut is panicking, shouting to seal the door up. Eraser, who is holding a green version of Pen’s cap, tries to ask what happened.

A flashback is presented as Golf Ball and Tennis Ball are inspecting an unconscious Barf Bag lying down on a table with everyone talking over one another. Golf Ball tells everyone to stop talking as Tennis Ball informs everyone that Barf Bag was unconscious because she lost her barf after falling into the water during last episode’s challenge. Tennis Ball continues saying that with Rocky's elimination from last episode, the only source of vomit was inside the volcano. So, the only two options would be either to use the lava-infused vomit or to kill Barf Bag and recover her.

But Black Hole, a member of Death P.A.C.T. Again, tells them to not despawn Barf Bag and instead use the lava vomit. But once they pour it that vomit, Barf Bag becomes green and zombified. As Pen tries to lend out a hand for Barf Bag as she walks up to him woozily, she bites Pen's arm, resulting in him becoming green and infected as well. Eraser begins to check on his buddy assuming he has to nap, but a zombified Pen comes forward at Eraser, with Eraser taking his cap, shocked and confused. Golf Ball tells the contestans to run away and get to cover.

Each team goes their separate ways to run away, with Are You Okay and Team8s running to the hotel door. Teardrop gets locked out and bangs on the door to get in, but Golf Ball doesn't let Teardrop as she might be contaminated. Teardrop doesn't listen and smashes through a window and slaps Golf Ball while GB tries to apologize. An infected Pen tries to break in through the broken window and Two appears, assuming that they could join in on climbing through broken glass. Puffball interrupts saying that they need nails and boards, then Two questions if instead they meant cake. Hey Two! plays until it is interrupted by Tennis Ball warning Two that the zombies are trying to break in. Two becomes sad and dejectedly gathers a board and some nails to board the window, blocking Pen in the process. Two is upset that the song couldn't be finished so Golf Ball lets them finish it. After the song is over, the scene cuts back to the beginning of the episode, also starting Cake At Stake.

The Cake at Stake occurs simultaneously with the the already infected contestants are trying to enter the hotel to get Two, Team8s and Are You Okay. The prize is some wooden slabs and nails to block the window that Teardrop broke to get in. The first two declared safe are Eraser and TV, with Pen being next, whose slabs instantly get taken by Eraser to board up the window. Tennis Ball is declared safe next, leaving Golf Ball and Puffball as the bottom two. Golf Ball feels upset after finally understanding Puffball's value in the last few episodes. They both cried for a second, and Puffball states that she was glad they both reached common ground, but before she could finish her sentence, Pen rushes in and bites on Puffball, infecting her. Eraser takes advantage and kicks both of them out the window, quickly boarding up the gap after that. Golf Ball is then declared safe by a three-vote margin, who swears to avenge Puffball.

Two is about to start Team8s' ceremony, but they're interrupted by Anchor knocking on the door outside. Anchor had survived the zombie outbreak, but was begging to be let in. Two asked the members of Team8's to see if any of them would let him in. After all five shook their heads, Two begins the Cake at Stake for Team8's. Donut and Gaty are the first one declared safe. Pin then suggests that the person with the lowest votes should have to open the door. Coiny worries that she could be one to be so, but Pin assures that they'd be fine as they always do so well.

Barf Bag is the next one safe, and the scene cuts to Barf Bag on the roof, zombified, along with Pen. Both of them are infecting the rejects that were on the roof. Some wood and nails spawn for Barf Bag. Pin is the next one safe, with Coiny and Needle at the bottom two. Both of them panic before Two declares that Coiny is eliminated, with Needle getting 20 more votes. Pin is upset that Coiny is eliminated, but before Coiny can let Anchor in, Barf Bag breaks through the door and infects Coiny.

After Coiny's infection, Tennis Ball instructs Are You Okay to go upstairs. Eraser tries to stop Teardrop after what happened on the balancing beam. They have a slap fight similar to Coiny and Firey in BFDI, and they gain their BFDI appearances for the duration of it. Golf Ball tells them to stop and come upstairs, The Final 3 arrive at the Elimination Area, which had been all revamped for the Jury. The Immunity Cookie sits on top of a pillar. In a confessional, Balloon reminisces on his time in the show, surprised that he had managed to be the last member left on his team. He worries that the Jury wouldn’t take his journey in the season seriously, due to them seeing him as “soft”. Cabby is surprised that she had made it to the finale, saying that whatever happens, she had been through worse. She talks about how she had to rejoin after being eliminated previously, all the while being betrayed by someone who she had considered a friend. She adds that she was ready to make it up to everyone for how she came across. Silver jumps up and down, excited that he had made it to the final with “dunces”. He reminisces on how he had been more strategic, using viewer voting to get rid of OJ, and leading The Thinkers and the Looney Balloonies to victory. He says that now that he had superpowers, he would surely win the competition. MePhone congratulates them for being the first contestants to make it to the finale since Season 1. Balloon says to not bring that up due to being a disaster, leading Silver to ask what happened. Cabby recaps that a “villainous” MePhone had appeared, a contestant escaped containment, and a finalist. ended up being deceitful and British. Balloon adds that they had all exploded, and that MePhone4S sacrificed himself to save MePhone.

MePhone then introduces the Jury: composing of Fan, Lifering, OJ, Box, Tea Kettle, Clover, Goo, Test Tube, Paintbrush, Candle, Bot, Yin-Yang, Blueberry, and Nickel. MePhone points out that Box had recovered very well, and gives him the Immunity Ribbon as a reward. However, he then addresses Fan, OJ, and Paintbrush, who had all left Indefinite Island. MePhone says that being a quitter is the greatest crime in reality TV, and locks the three inside the Jail Cell. OJ shrugs, and Fan rants about having this after his “epic” voyage to Hotel OJ and sudden return. MePhone says that the Final 3 would now give their opening statements, before the Jury started with questions. Silver welcomes the jury, telling them that they were all incredible competitors and was humble to sit before them all. Balloon talks about how he still had a lot to learn two seasons prior, and tried to use some poetic statements about crafting himself. He says that after three seasons, his craft had evolved. Goo commends him on his analogy craft. Cabby says that her goal today was to show she wasn’t the same Cabby eliminated eleven episodes prior, and apologizes for the uneasiness he made some of them feel along the way. MePhone then opens the Jury to ask questions.

Tea Kettle asks Balloon if he thinks he played as well as a three-time player should. Balloon says to think of his three seasons as different presentations, and that he had now evolved into Balloon PRIME. Clover tells Cabby she didn’t remember any time that she was ever malicious, with Cabby reminding her she pushed her off a cliff once. Yin-Yang also says he’s confused, and that Cabby was nothing but sweet to them. This gives Cabby a smile. Test Tube tells Cabby she thinks it was right to apologize, thanking her. Silver approaches a very tilted Balloon, popping him. The Jury begins to laugh, as MePhone recovers him. Silver gallantly talks about how there was never a second where he wasn’t in control of everything. This prompts a response from Blueberry. Silver commends him for his reign in the season, as well as Paintbrush and OJ for their leaderships throughout the game. Nickel says that Balloon did everything Silver had done, taking him out in the final vote. Balloon confirms this, stating how he had turned against his old alliance, also retooling what Nickel had said. Nickel tells him to talk to them like himself, but he says none of them would want that.

Lifering comments on how all this talk was boring, and asks Cabby about some exciting gameplay. Cabby pulls out a file, saying she didn’t have much on gameplay. Cabby recaps her gameplay ever since she rejoined, albeit struggling and trying to not discredit the other players. Bot stands up, telling Cabby that she didn’t owe anything to anyone, and that she played a great game. Silver then talks about his strategies throughout the game, including eliminating OJ, bringing Candle to the Looney Balloonies. Clover is surprised by Silver’s accomplishments. Silver finishes by presenting the crowd his Inner-Flame, with him turning gold and rising into the sky. Everyone, except Candle, is astonished. Silver lands back on the ground shortly after. MePhone asks if anyone wanted to keep the questions going, with most of the contestants agreeing. Candle however, gets up, telling Silver that the Inner-Flame is too important to be used as a party trick, and that he wouldn’t be receiving her vote. Silver looks away, embarrassed. MePhone asks for any more, and Goo uses it as an opportunity to ask whether a chicken was an animal or a bird. Balloon says its a bird, but realizes he got them confused with penguins, and Cabby says that it was both. With the Jury questions over with, MePhone decides to reveal one more twist: the Jury would have to agree who would win with a unanimous vote, with no winner being declared until everyone was in agreement.

The Floor nervously tells them that it was just a joke. MePhone leads the Jury to the Jail Cell, where they would be deciding on who would win. Everyone except Candle enters, with her going behind the bleachers. Nickel wonders how MePhone expects them all to agree, with Paintbrush saying that they believed Silver earned it the most, despite turning on their alliance. Yin-Yang lashes at them, saying that Cabby was the only one with any kindness. Nickel yells at them, saying that Balloon’s entire personality was being nice. Fan approaches Test Tube and Bot, hoping that she had made up with Cabby. Fan introduces themself Bot, assuming that they were a mid-season debut. Bot tells Fan their name, leading Fan to realize who they were. Fan awkwardly says hello to them, not knowing what to say. Blueberry barges in between the two, and tells everyone that if they didn’t vote for Silver, they were all “stupid loser babies” with no respect for “utter alphas”. Yin-Yang gets mad at him, with Nickel getting mad at them as well. Goo initiates a “Screaming Match”, and everyone starts yelling at each other.

Balloon asks the others if this is what they expected the final day to be like. MePhone says that with this voting format, they could have an ending where everyone wins. Meanwhile, in the background, Clover is lured away by a butterfly. MePhone adds that he needed to stretch it out to make sure they had a perfect season, with the perfect winner and prize, without losing anyone. Cabby asks MePhone what he meant about the prize. MePhone begins to panic, and admits that nobody gave him funding for a cash prize.

Eraser and Teardrop get quickly inside of Basketball's Aboveground Factory, where there's also Golf Ball, Tennis Ball, TV, and Two. Eraser asks for everyone else’s whereabouts so Two summons communication screens to identify the teams’ locations.

Death P.A.C.T. Again are in the Goiky Canal on top of Tree who's now bigger. The Strongest Team on Earth. are grabbing from Bell’s string, who cannot lift due all of them being heavy. Nickel tries to tell his team’s location but the screen glitches, Eraser however manages to identify that they're in Gelatin's Steakhouse, adding that the reception sucks. The S! are outside the Steakhouse as they got locked out by Just Not. Price Tag simply gives them a plate with steaks. Team8s stayed on the first floor of the hotel with Donut telling Two that they'll try to find Four and X to help them. Since the teams are trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, Two announces the challenge to the teams that they must survive in order to have immunity, with the two teams with the least members who survived up for elimination. Just Not doesn’t get this as they are in Gelatin's Steakhouse which has no connection. Nickel asks for Two to repeat the contest, which they do. However, Pillow, because of the call repeatedly breaking up, misinterprets Two as saying the challenge is to kill all of your teammates. Pillow then destroys the video that Two was using to tell them the challenge. Two assumes that since they're green, they're immune. As Two says this, a zombified Barf Bag comes up behind them and bites them, turning them into a zombie. Golf Ball screams and begs for Two to go back to normal. when at the Michael and Blue at the Drive this Canal like Richard Hillman into Canal, when at Studio goes Blackout and into the Darkness, and Light goes on, When Studio, Live, Coffee and Everything Back. and i Destroyed the Table, Suddenly, a large crash is heard behind them, and Sprinkles emerges from a bush, much to Yin-Yang’s surprise. Sprinkles then howls loudly. Tyler Bombard appears, pressing the button to lock the Jury inside of the Jail Cell. MePhone worries that Steve Cobs had found him, before someone puts a USB chip inside of his socket, severely glitching him and deafening his voice. Camera 1 and Camera 2 appear above his body, gloating about how he couldn’t disturb them anymore. Bot tells them to let them all go, and is punched by Springy. Springy says he thought they needed a hand, after all they had given to him.

The scene then cuts to Pin trying to defend herself from a zombified Discy, telling her team Four's power's are probably enough to fix the zombies. Needle then slaps Discy, telling Donut to hurry, as Donut is yelling for Four and X to help, Donut notices a note that says "KITCHEN BONDING RETREAT (BE BACK SOON)".

Meanwhile, Four and X are fishing with Clock. Four asks Clock if he has found something yet, and Clock reminds him that he already did. X tells him to play along, then Clock catches something and it is revealed to be another X. Four and X celebrate while Clock is clearly annoyed. Clock sarcastically "celebrates", saying "Yay."

Team8s are surrounded by zombies and Needle clashes Clapboard and Shopping Cart together and grabs her team, telling them they can't hold them off forever, and Needle starts running over to the basem*nt. Gaty then hears Golf Ball telling Two to return to normal, and jumps off Needle so she can go and help Two. Pin then yells that they're losing their team members fast. A loud bang is heard, and Donut, scared, questions where it came from. It is revealed to be a zombie Puffball, who flies into the window, smashing it. Pin, Needle, and Donut run to the basem*nt as zombie Coiny, Puffball, and Shopping Cart follow behind. The trio slowly walk down the dilapidated stairs to the basem*nt, and the zombies follow. Pin sees zombie Coiny and tells her team they can still save him, but Needle grabs Pin and starts sprinting down the stairs, telling her that Coiny was not himself at that moment. Pin yells "NOOO!" and zombie Puffball destroys part of the stairs, and everyone screams. They all land in the sewer and begin to float down the stream.

Some zombies are approaching The S! as Winner yells at Just Not to open the door. Yellow Face has an idea and tells his team to follow him and go to Cloudy's collection. Yellow Face hastily hides his team inside, with Bottle complimenting Yellow Face's idea to hide in Cloudy's collection. Yellow Face tells the team that Cloudy's Collection has grown large from donations from his factory, making it harder for the zombies to break in. Bottle then starts eating one of the steaks Just Not gave them, and calls them "delish".

Walkie arrives with her Walkie-Bots, welcoming everyone to the “metamorphosis” of Inanimate Insanity.

Walkie explains to the trio that they only worshiped a “monster” who didn’t care about them, someone who wanted to push them to complete challenges, but they were never enough in the end. Balloon asks Walkie if they could talk, but Walkie disagrees, inviting the rest of her allies. Groscer, Dr. Fizz, and Zoetrope all arrive, with the latter projecting a fake butterfly. Springy then presses a remote activating one of his Floating Cereal Boxes, dropping Boaty on the ground behind them. Paintbrush is shocked to see Boaty, with Balloon surprised that he was sentient. Walkie shames MePhone for using this show to hurt them and his contestants. Sheintroduces her group as The Unvitational Committee, with their goal to remove him from power and bring the show to its proper glory. Balloon looks around for The Floor, not seeing him anywhere. Springy appears behind the trio with The Floor contained inside of a homemade terrarium. Springy shakes the terrarium, and comments on how nothing good came to people who worked with MePhone. MePhone, unable to speak, watches on. Groscer shames him for defiling the purity of their organization. Springy taunts the contestants for working so hard to impress the Jury, when they had done nothing but upset everyone around them.

Walkie lists off the threats they had gotten rid of, before being approached by Candle. She prepares to fight the group, unleashing her Inner-Flame. Silver gets up, telling the others he could help her. Candle goes into battle, flinging Dr. Fizz away and throwing Tyler Bombard onto his back. Springy watches the battle, nervous. Candle grabs the two Camera’s, throwing them into each other, and flies toward Walkie. Camera 2 appears and repeatedly flashes Candle before Silver’s Inner-Flame appears, bearing bright green eyes and green flames coming from his head. Candle’s Flame talks to Silver’s, suggesting he go save MePhone and take him to safety. Silver’s Flame decides to rush Candle’s Flame, trying to fight her. Silver’s Flame expresses anger due to her not voting for Silver, after everything the two had gone through together. Candle tells him it wasn’t the time for this, begging that he doesn’t let his flame cloud his mind. Silver’s Flame punches out Candle's, severely weakening her and sending her falling into the sand below. Silver loses his flame, and is horrified to see Candle laying on the ground.

Walkie says they should feel fortunate that Silver came to stop Candle, so the group could learn the truth. Walkie’s Balloon robot reaches his claw in front of MePhone, and Balloon bravely blocks the way. Walkie changes its hand to a pointer in an effort to pop him, when the robot is stopped by Cabby. Cabby commends Balloon on his bravery, and tells Walkie she doesn’t know when MePhone would be able to recover again, so they wouldn’t let her take him. Walkie wonders if they would keep that up after some information, pulling out MePhone’s “4” folder. MePhone tries to talk, but all that comes out is a vibration. Cabby starts reading it, with the file holding plans for a Season 4. Balloon and Cabby look in the file, horrified. The file noted that the unanimous vote would lead to all three finalists winning, with the three being the leaders of the season’s teams. Walkie says that if he ended the current season, he would have to go back to Season 2, which he ditched out on. All of the eliminated contestants watch, all being confused, as Cabby and Balloon get angry expressions on their faces. Walkie says the only way to save the show was to stop MePhone. The Unvitational Committee begins to surround Balloon and Cabby, with Silver attempting to wake up Candle. The Floor attempts to call out to the former, while MePhone continuously vibrates.

Bell is slowly jumping away from zombie Onigiri, Avocado, Rubber Spatula, and Battery, complaining about the heaviness. Bell then assumes an undead Nonexisty is weighing them down, but Robot Flower tells her that it's actually "Yoyle Ball" (Snowball) that they should get off. Bell agrees with Robot Flower's idea to get Snowball off, but Snowball tells her that the zombies are right behind them. Grassy reminds Snowball that he's metal, with Bell adding on that the zombies wouldn't be able to bite him in his metal form. Snowball finally agrees to get off, with Bell being able to fly normally again. Proving Bell's theory right, the zombies couldn't bite Snowball. But much to the team's dismay, both zombified Rubber Spatula and Onigiri tear Snowball apart easily. Rubber Spatula recovers Snowball and bites him immediately. Bell apologizes to Snowball and Grassy tells her to go.

Tree notices the same group of zombies chasing Bell on the shore of the Goiky Canal. Zombie Rubber Spatula and Onigiri start heading to where Tree is rooted, and Tree tells Black Hole to stop them, specifically suck them up. But Black Hole declines, as they're not dead but instead undead. Marker then mocks Fanny, who is unable to argue due to the lack of her mouth and suggests that they should simply move Tree. Black Hole says that's literally impossible due to how huge he is. The zombies start swimming towards them and Marker asks him if he has a better idea, and tells Fanny to dig with him, both of them jumping into the water to begin digging.

Book tells her team that while the reception was bad, the challenge can't possibly be killing each other. As she says this, the light flickers and she's left alone. Book slowly walks around the steakhouse in fear, saying that they can talk about it and figure something out. Book hears a loud noise and then sees a shadowy figure move around. As Book gets closer to inspect it, she coms across an old sign from the Steakhouse, startling her. That is when Nickel appears and brings her behind the stash. Because of the stress being too much for him, Nickel suggests to Book that they could sleep through the apocalypse as he already found a bed in the trash. As he tucks himself in bed, he says he only needs a pillow, unknowingly grabbing Pillow herself in the process. When he realizes this, Pillow slams him against the bed frame, killing him. Pillow approaches Book next to use her glue for some armor. Book screams Pillow's name as the former is about to get killed.

The scene then cuts back to Two getting infected by Barf Bag. Golf Ball panically tells everyone to run. As the rest of Are You Okay and Teardrop run out the room, they accidentally trample Gaty in the process. Gaty notices Two on the ceiling, waving at her and spinning in an odd manner upstairs as Gaty follows Two. The group splits up as Tennis Ball and Golf Ball head back into the factory. TV instructs Eraser and Teardrop to lead the zombies elsewhere, so Teardrop smacks Snare Drum away as Eraser grabs 9-Ball and throws them. Teardrop jumps to escape the ball as it hits Tape instead. Eraser apologizes and tells Teardrop that he meant to hit her, which Teardrop blows a raspberry. TV then tells the duo to stack up to access the vents above.

As Teardrop and Eraser get on TV, Teardrop jumps to get to the vents first. As Eraser hangs on and tells TV to grab onto his legs, TV instead sacrifices himself to let Eraser escape and Pen uses Snare Drum to kill TV. Eraser slowly loses his grip, yelling for Teardrop's help. Although it seems that Eraser fell, Teardrop rescues him and brings him to the vents. Eraser thanks Teardrop just as Pen emerges behind him and bites him, infecting Eraser. Teardrop quickly runs away as Pen and the other zombies start chasing her.

Marker and Fanny are still digging and Tree tells them that they have to hurry as the zombies are on their way. Black Hole comes up with the idea to find some protection, so he flies over to Cloudy's collection. As Black Hole begins to inspect the zombies that are already near the collection, Bottle comes out and playfully tells Black Hole to not suck them up. Black Hole assures her that he won't do that, but instead tells her that he needs the stash to protect Tree. Yellow Face warns Black Hole that if he takes the whole collection, The S! would die. Black Hole panics because if he doesn't take it, Tree would die. Black Hole wonders why the zombies are so adamantly coming to them, and Bottle says that she doesn't know. She decides to throw a steak away as the zombies walk towards it. Black Hole tells her to use those steaks to deflect as he takes part of the stash with him to save Tree.

Michael TubeHD also about the BlueTheFortune, at this Team 341b arrives the Computer, and Also the Back to Office.

where the Unvitational Committee is still surrounding Cabby and Balloon. Cabby agrees with the Unvitational Committee saying that MePhone has pushed them too far as they have been competing for a long time, but have no prizes for the season and without the committee, the contest would have gone on forever. The Unvitational Committee cheers in response. Cabby tells the group that she would help them with his "execution", which shocks Balloon, The Floor and all of the eliminated contestants. Walkie-Talkie is very excited. Dr Fizz, Zoetrope and Groscer object, due to never agreeing to kill MePhone. Balloon asks Cabby what her plan was. She explains that Dr Fizz would fight back as he is a doctor and having an oath against harm, and Groscer needed to have a good image while Zoetrope is just a bonus. The Unvitational Committee start to argue, but Cabby explains that she does not want MePhone to die. Balloon, in relief, smiles at Cabby and then interrupts the conversation of the committee and gives then time to think about what they want. Tyler Bombard and the Cameras want to burn him, and agree and cheer for the decision. The others disagree, as there are other ways to deal with him than death. Springy disagrees, and wants to burn him in lava as there were more people voting for him to die. Cabby pulls out a file, asking Springy if he in fact wanted justice. Springy decides to show off his "prized toy", which is shown to be a Spring-toys of Bot, similar to the others. Bot gets disgusted by this decision and grabs onto the bars, telling Springy he would pay for that. Springy mockingly asks Bot if that was the language they wanted to influence the robot, and pulls out a contract, telling Bot they would be one of many. Bot begins to cry, Zombie Snowball, Battery and Avocado are chasing The Strongest Team on Earth., at the Snowy Tundra. Robot Flower tells Bell that maybe they'll give up if she just went higher, and Bell's answers that she would do that if all of them got off. Snowball then stops and lets Avocado and Battery roll him through the snow, causing him to become larger. Robot Flower is amazed by this and ditches her team to join Avocado and Battery. Battery tries to bite her but she simply throws them away as she is immune. Basketball tells Bell that she told her that Robot Flower is a complete liability right now. Grassy tells Bell to fly and they quickly get away.

Golf Ball and Tennis Ball study Pen's cap as the former discovers that the lava-vomit fusion caused Barf Bag's insides to rot, with the mutation spreading when she bites people. Tennis Ball adds on and suggests that powering the bodies up can undo the rotting and turn everyone back to normal. Golf Ball wonders what could have caused Barf Bag to get so strong last episode.

The scene cuts to Gaty comes up to the fifth floor of the hotel to look for Two. As she hears them whisper to come inside the room, Gaty becomes a bit freaked out as the door suddenly opens. After hearing Two whispering to come inside once more, Gaty starts to walk into the door. She tries to talk to them as she knows Two isn't themself right now. Gaty then spots the pink couch she and Two would sit on often. Gaty sits down on the couch and asks Two if they're there. She was then met with a zombified Two that approached behind her, Gaty asked if they were okay before the zombified Two "eliminates" Gaty, sending her to Pie's elimination place before Two disappears.

As Bottle, Yellow Face and Winner are throwing steaks away, Bottle asks them on what to do if they start to run out of steaks. Winner suggests that maybe they say "Warning" to let them know. Bottle immediately yells "warning" repeatedly to notify the team that they only have one steak left. That is when Black Hole returns to take the whole collection with him as he needs a big stash. As the zombies start approaching them, Yellow Face asks who would be brave enough to head off with the last steak and save the team. Ice Cube replies that she doesn't want to be the one to do so, but Yellow Face and Winner look at each other and send Ice Cube sliding with the steak. The zombies start chasing her until she hits a bush and the zombies start biting her.

Pin, Donut, and Needle are swimming in the sewers until they come across a vent. As they swim up to get air, Needle asks Pin and Donut if they're okay. Price Tag is revealed to be above the vent and asks the trio what they're doing down there. When Needle tells them that the sewers led them there, Price Tag lets Needle know that they're heading into the back of the Steakhouse, which they add on that it used to be a Shadeshouse. Needle explains to Price Tag that some of the shades' ability to change colors can be handy for looking for zombies and keeping everyone alive. But as soon as she says this stuff, Donut is pulled into the water, which is revealed to be Income Tax Return Document pulling him. Needle and Pin go underwater once more to get him back, but Donut is split in half in a futile attempt from Needle to grab Donut from the zombified individual. Pin notifies Needle about the rest of the zombies coming their way, with a giant Puffball leading the group as Pin and Needle swim away from the zombies.

Price Tag catches on Needle's statement about keeping everyone alive and finds out that it was the actual challenge instead of Pillow's assumption about wiping the team out. Price Tag puts on the night vision shades and spots Pillow glued with pieces of Book's body, revealing that she aready killed her offscreen. As Pillow slowly walks to Price Tag, the latter tries to tell her that the challenge isn't actually to kill everybody. Pillow pays no mind to this as she leaps forward to attack Price Tag, but Price Tag jumps and avoids the attack. Pillow finds Barbecue Sauce's corpse, which is partially broken and she uses it to attack Price Tag, but they return the attack and they take a chunk out of her, and Pillow presumably faints. Price Tag goes to look for Bomby and Nickel, saying that Pillow died. Bomby, who was hiding on a vent, comes out and congratulates them for killing Pillow. Surprisingly, Pillow appears behind Price Tag, ripping them apart, saying that the attack only grazed her. Bomby runs down stairs as Pillow chases him.

Marker swims up to Tree's body and begins pushing him, telling Black Hole that him and Fanny need more time to continue. Black Hole arrives with Cloudy's collection and tries to block the zombies' path. It works momentarily, but then the zombies swim under the stash. Black Hole then takes the stash and makes a tower, which the zombies start climbing. Black Hole, seeing this, alerts his team and tells them to dig, and Marker goes back underwater to do so.

The zombies, with a Zombified Ice Cube are approaching The S!. Bottle laments that this is their end, wishing they could have save Ice Cube. Yellow Face also laments, wishing he could have sold more from his factory, but Bottle and Winner look at him with disappointment, so Yellow Face says he meant to say what Bottle said.

The scene cuts to Teardrop running and jumping through the air duct, trying to escape the zombies, but gets blocked by Eraser. Teardrop turns around and tries to run the other way, only for Pen to block her way. She then starts trying to force herself through the vent in the air duct, where, below, Golf Ball and Tennis Ball are trying to figure out how to undo the zombification. They are angry that they can't figure out a solution, but get interrupted when Barf Bag breaks into the laboratory. Meanwhile, Teardrop is still forcing herself through the vent, being almost through by then. As Barf Bag approaches the duo, Teardrop finally falls through the vent and into Barf Bag's infected barf, turning her back to normal. Tennis Ball is shocked that her zombification was undone, and GB realizes that Teardrop was the solution to the problem.

Tennis Ball states the problem that most contestants don't have external innards, with Golf Ball stating that the only solution is to take out Barf Bag's barf yet again. Barf Bag agrees, although still confused. Golf Ball attempts to extract the barf, but realizes there isn't enough in Barf Bag to save everyone. Golf Ball asks Teardrop to hop back in, but Tennis Ball points out that Teardrop dying means that she will be eliminated. Still, Teardrop agrees, and dives into Barf Bag to make more vomit. Golf Ball extracts the barf, and tells Tennis Ball to help her feed it to everyone, but Two grabs them and sends them to the elimination place.

Michael TubeHD, BlueTheFortune and Jake will join special guest Bry for Now, will before Dance Time, Jacob will be a UK go to Turkey, when go to Turkey Channels, at this Turkey Foods, will be at this time, will Jacob will Turkey go back to UK, when at Michael TubeHD, BlueTheFortune, Jake and Bry to go a Dance Blue Farewell, and the break in a minutes, when Team 341b arrives Volcano, when at fall down, he going to stage, at when Has magma for now, and the Volcano explodes, will Team 341b go back to Office. leading Cabby to attempt to lunge at Springy, being held back by Balloon. Balloon tells the Unvitational Committee members to grab folders and take a seat.

Once everyone is seated, Balloon and Cabby come up to Silver Spoon and ask if he is okay after the fight between him and Candle. Silver sarcastically says he was fine, and had "only" ruined their chances of saving the game. Cabby tells him that if she didn't want to be part of a murder, she had to protect the person who had no interest in ending the season. Balloon reminds the group that they could all change after they had all gone through. Cabby flashes back to MePhone saying that they would find out the perfect winner, without losing anybody. Then, Cabby agrees with Balloon and says that they can talk to him once this is all done, and that they needed to protect MePhone's life and convince the Unvitational Committee to not let him die.

The discussion starts following by a vote to either “Melt” or “Not Melt” MePhone, which The Unvitational Committee wants to melt. If the majority of people vote melt, he would slowly burn into the lava with his eyes open so he could watch his "horrible and painful death". The Unvitational Committee begins to give their statements against MePhone. Groscer says that her program had been highly respected until MePhone had shown a "mockery" of it on live television, which Cabby agrees is understandable. Zoetrope complains that after Yin-Yang ruined his Animation Machine, he had to attempt to sell the contestants pilots, which heavily disgraced him. Tyler explained that MePhone’s contestant (Blueberry) had burned down his island in “The Great Bluish Bake Off” and gave me no royalties for his starring role in a fake home makeover show special. Springy explained that he came all the way to the island to give ideas to help the show, MePhone rejected his contract and he was eaten by The Floor. Balloon argues against him, bringing up the fact he wanted to replace them with toy replicas. Springy replies saying that it would've saved them anxiety. Balloon reluctantly agrees, while Cabby heavily disagrees. Dr Fizz said that MePhone has turned the island into a deadly disaster and he was heralding that there was a murder in “Blue Buried” but Blueberry thought it was awesome. And then apparently MePhone made a video about something they ruined Zoetrope with over a million views and counting. It seems that next, Sprinkles’s barks meant that she didn’t want MePhone with Cabby replying that it had quite the accent to convince her. And now because of MePhone, everyone was creating machine made episodes, including Zoetrope. Finally, Camera 1 said that the cameras were mad as they couldn’t invade the show’s privacy. Silver reacts with a sarcastic sorry. Turns out, Cabby was writing down notes on how to convince them. Then, the convincing began.

Silver Spoon starts off with Tyler with the fact that Clover is still alive as MePhone can recover her and all the other contestants. Tyler replies that he did not know and he is extremely sorry that he participated with the committee, but walkie says that he will just worship MePhone because he can just recover people. Balloon was next saying that Sprinkles was not so scary once she gets attention that she needs and then Sprinkles comes over to Balloon but Balloon understanding that he understands how it feels to be alone in the world, but when he was some sort of a villain when he just started competing in II, he figured that he’s not going to solve his own problems with someone else’s because he does he does not feel great with a hole popped in him (he’s saying that he does not seem good with problems within him or others) with Nickel understanding with a nod. It then there are still multiple people to convince and Boaty makes Cabby want to take a rest. Balloon, concerned, thinks there are not enough people that are convinced to vote to not melt MePhone. Silver thinks that Groscer and Zoetrope are up against melting MePhone as well. Balloon believes they might have convinced Tyler and Sprinkles, while still being alluded by Boaty. Cabby gets annoyed due to not being able to come up with convincing points, but is comforted by Silver Spoon due to helping guide everything. Cabby then looks over at the traumatized Bot inside of the jail cell, and decides to talk to Springy.

Springy mockingly tells her that they had seen it all wrong, because they were alone and a "little lost toy" wearing a mask. They ask Cabby if she thought she could get them into an emotional moment. Cabby says that she can't, and that Springy was soulless and cared for nobody but themself, wanting to use the Bot toy to replace someone's life, in the same way that Bot was created to do. She adds that all Springy ever does is destroy. Springy chokes up, and tells MePhone about how they made him smile, before lashing at Cabby for not knowing anything about "right and wrong", not getting a sorry for punting them into The Floor. Cabby gets angry, exclaming that a sorry is all everybody wanted from her, upset at having to say sorry for using files that helped her and for trying to be herself. Despite everything she had to deal with, she tried to listen and connect with others despite feeling that everyone hated her. Then she starts to cry. Test Tube shamefully looks down, and tells Cabby that she didn't realize. Cabby tells Springy that she didn't need to apologize for everything she was, and that Springy had been terrorizing her friend and wouldn't be apologizing for that. Silver arrives at the scene and says they should begin the vote. The scene cuts back to the zombies still chasing The Strongest Team on Earth. on the Snowy Tundra. Basketball tells Bell that they have to hide somewhere, so she says that they'll return to the Grasslands, and that maybe they already sorted something out already. At the same time, Needle and Pin come to a dead end in the sewer. The zombies slam into them, breaking the wall down and sending them all into a pit. Needle celebrates the death of the zombies, while Pin is scared that they will drown because of the water flowing into the pit. Needles notices a crack in the ceiling, and tells Pin to escape through there. Meanwhile, Tree is still panicking, while Black Hole tells him to have faith in the stash. Bell goes over to them, asking if they found a solution. Black Hole tells them no, then gets distracted by the gigantic Snowball rolling down the hill and onto the zoomy ramp of yoyle legend. Snowball gets flung into Tree, causing a crack to form and the zombies to get sent flying. Needle and Pin climb up the wall as water goes down through the crack. Just then, Snowball launches back off of Tree and causes the crack to close back up, crushing Needle. Pin is shocked, and yells "NEEDLE! NO!"

Golf Ball yells "TWO! NOOO!", but then, Pie salutes her, saying that she's not Two though. Golf Ball is surprised to see Gaty there too and asks where are they. Tennis Ball deduces that Two sent them to the elimination place instead of killing them. Gaty says that even as a zombie, Two is still cool. Pie asks if she can rejoin, and Golf Ball quickly declines her.

Snowball flies back into the hotel and bends it, causing the thermos filled with barf to shatter a window and fall out of the building conveniently next to The S!. Yellow Face notices it first and mistakes it for a drink, chugging down some of it before puking it back up, reminiscing over Rocky. He throws the barf into Conch Shell's mouth, causing him to go back to normal. Bottle is elated that they found a solution, with Yellow Face presenting the idea of cooking the vomit into steaks. Winner agrees with this, but asks how they will get in, as they're still locked out.

Pillow corners Bomby and asks him if she should kill him the easy way or the other easy way as she shows Nickel's and Price Tag's corpses. Bomby answers that he wants to go out the even easier way as he's gonna take her down on his terms. So Bomby lights his own fuse, exploding himself and killing both himself and Pillow. The explosion sends the burning steakhouse flying and it lands on top of The S!. Bottle panics and screams because of all of the fire in the steakhouse.

The scene cuts back to Tree nearly getting killed by Snowball, telling Black Hole to stop him as he almost died. Black Hole then flies above the steakhouse, catches Snowball who just ricocheted off of the hotel again, and slams him into the steakhouse, putting out the fires and making Snowball loses most of his snow. Winner tells their remaining team to get in the kitchen, as Yellow Face asks the audience if they've ever wanted to solve an apocalypse. Bottle then pours the vomit onto a plate of steaks, creating the formula to cure the zombies.

Black Hole then goes back to his team, and tells Tree that he will not get pulled anymore, putting a smile on Tree's face. Black Hole also tells his team that they caused no death and no danger either. Meanwhile, Pin is trapped underneath Tree, and starts punching the ceiling, screaming and wanting to get out. Tree complains about his roots being itchy, and Marker apologizes because he thinks it was due to his and Fanny's digging. Pin keeps grabbing at the ceiling, hoping to escape, but then gives up, as she is making no progress. Then, Coiny crawls out of the wreckage and sees Pin at the surface. Pin tells Coiny that she is sorry that the latter got out and that she doesn't know what to do. Coiny then attempts to bite Pin, who catches him in midair, realizing that he isn't himself right now. Pin then uses Coiny to break out of the ground, escaping and realizing that she can do things on her own. Black Hole greets her, but stops short when he sees Coiny's dead body. Black Hole then asks if Pin killed Coiny, to which she responds "It's not what it looks like?"

Bottle comes out of the steakhouse with a plate with steaks, and puts them on the floor and some zombies go to eat them, curing them.

Two teleports all the teams back to the Grasslands. Gaty and Pin are happy to see each other safe. Pin tells Gaty that it was hard to see Coiny as a zombie. Gaty also says the same about Two, but she also saw a good side of them, even as a zombie, saying that they could had easily killed them but they didn't, and it's nice to hold onto that. Pin tells Gaty that she never thought she could be able to play the game without Coiny, saying that he kinda pushed her towards fighting for herself down there, saying it's a good way to look at it. After they say all that, Eraser tells that Pen got a good bite on him and how it hurt him. Gaty awkwardly mentions they were mentioning the good qualities in their friends, even if they were zombified. Eraser laughs and mentions how Pen's always biting something, making the two of them back away from him.

Golf Ball tells Two that she and Tennis Ball thought they killed them, but they arrived to where Pie was instead. Two then apologizes, saying that they weren't meant to go there yet. Two then announced that Tear Drop is up for elimination first, but then realized Teardrop died, everyone gasped in the background. Two recovers Teardrop and tells her that she was eliminated, Teardrop nods and opens her mouth with her finger up, leading the others to believe she is about to say something. But instead of saying anything, she waves her arm, signaling that it's fine. Eraser then says a final goodbye to Teardrop, with them shaking hands and Teardrop playfully flipping Eraser over. Eraser then tells her to get out lightheartedly, and Two sends her to the elimination area. Two then counts up the remaining members of each team, with Death P.A.C.T. Again doing the best, The S! and The Strongest Team on Earth losing one member, Are You Okay and Team8s losing three members, and Just Not getting completely wiped out, causing them to be up for elimination. Then Eraser says he's going to fill the lines for Just Not by yelling "NOOOO", then "or whatever". Everybody regroups, and Groscer announces that she was going to tally up the votes from the Unvitation Committee. She announces that the votes had tied, with 5 of them voting for "melt" and 5 voting "not melt". Walkie believes this means that they could stick to the original plan. Silver tries to suggest that they stop instead, due to swaying the opinions of most of the group. Boaty loudly honks his horn, which leads Groscer to realize she had missed a vote by accident. The Final 3 nervous watch as Groscer reveals the vote, being for "not melt", which meant that MePhone was saved from death. Memmbers of the Unvitational Committee chear, including Springy, who lets out a smile. Groscer reads "BP" on the vote, which Balloon realizes was from Ballpoint Pen. Tyler says that Ballpoint had been invited to the committee. Groscer drops the vote, which lands on its back next to MePhone. He glances down at it, reading the text "REMEMBER- You can't do this forever.".

Walkie objects to all of the cheering, angry that they were all celebrating him even though he had taken away everything. She activates the Spring-toys, and uses them to grab MePhone and race up the volcano. The Floor watches, horrified, and reminds Springy that they couldn't do the show without him. Springy picks up the terrarium The Floor was stuck in, and springs up towards the volcano. Balloon and Cabby panic, and try to follow the others before being stopped by Silver's toy. Silver appears behind it and punches it to the ground. Cabby suggests that he go full Inner-Flame to stop Walkie, but Balloon says it would go haywire again. Silver look over at the podium with the Immunity Cookie on it, and asks him if they had any thorns. Balloon pokes himself with a thorn to propel them up the volcano.

Michael TubeHD, BlueTheFortune and Bry to leave Jake, and when Michael TubeHD and BlueTheFortune at to leaves Bry, when Before Bus Arrives., Team 341b will go to Outer World and Arrives to Chocolates, and when to Chocolate Factory and also Team 341b will go back to Office, Team 341b will arrives back to Office, when Hap about the Tapes, and Hap go back to Work. Michael and Blue will be Bus Arrives and Blue Departures and Crash into the Street lights and When the Bus Fixes and then Michael and Blue will Bus it's Broken Again. Walkie and the Spring-toys arrive at the top, with MePhone looking horrified at the lava down below. Springy arrives and calls out to Walkie, telling her that he didn't deserve to suffer pain like this. They add that MePhone gives life to the show in a way that they couldn't, and felt this want to help. Walkie tells them that she did want to help, which is why she was going to keep the season alive, which she had been built to do. MePhone looks at her in fear upon hearing that she had been built for the show. She adds that Springy had been thrown away at the height of their purpose, but they said that it was now their old one. Walkie turns around to see a golden Silver Spoon, and is shocked to see that he was able to control his Inner-Flame. She threatens Silver to not take another step, holding MePhone above the lava. Silver however slowly approachs her step-by-step. Walkie weakly tells him he didn't need to do this, and sets MePhone down on the ground. Cabby and Balloon run up and undeafen MePhone. MePhone yells at Walkie, saying he knew who had sent her here. Walkie asks if he was sure, which scares MePhone. She says that she was programmed just for him, and that he, and the show, were just her voice on the other side. MePhone begins to panic as Walkie says that whether they had been built or could be recovered, they were all for HIM. Silver then deactvates Walkie, which turns her and all of the Spring-toys off.

Silver reveals the Immunity Cookie hidden behind his back, and says that "you can't bluff a bluffer". The group then hear a strange robotic voice, saying "my purpose". Spring-Bot kicks MePhone off the rim, leaving him dangling by his hands above the lava directly below him. The others rush towards his aid, as Spring-Bot pulls one of MePhone's hands off of the ledge. Springy jumps and grabs the Spring-toy, saying that they were finally free, before throwing them to safety. Cabby and Balloon pull MePhone up, and the three watch in horror as Springy begins falling into the lava. MePhone flashes back to the Season 1 finale, being reminded of his death alongside Bow and MePhone5, realizing he was living it over again. He wonders why people kept risking themselves for him, and that all he did was screw up. MePhone4S then talks to him inside of his head, much to his surprise. 4S tells him that with his gifts, there couldn't be a happy ending without him. MePhone then does a large amount of calculations inside of his head, determined to not let another death happen.

Springy burns to death inside of the lava, and MePhone drops to the ground, panting. Cabby and Balloon get to his side worried that he was still powered down. He tells them that he had done a few days worth of calculations in a few seconds. MePhone then opens MeLife and revives Springy, who he had created an icon for in a matter of seconds. Springy is overjoyed that their body was back to normal, albeit still glitchy much to their distate. They pick up the Spring-Bot, saying that they could be whoever they want, before telling MePhone they were square. Springy then jumps into the sky. MePhone then gets on his knees in pain, realizing he couldn't keep the show going forever. Balloon comforts him, saying that it wasn't too late to turn things around. MePhone admits to the Season 4 file being his, trying to create a replacement for the season, which he states is what Steve Cobs would've done to them. He thanks the three for trusting him to fix everything, saying that Paradise would be their home until they were done. He also says that he would work on the season's prize.

Everybody regroups back at the Elimination Area, including Clover and Candle. MePhone apologizes to the Jury for doing the unanimous vote idea, and gives the Final 3 permission to give their closing remarks. Balloon talks about how he felt like he had insulted the art of poetry earlier, and that so much of what he had done was with someone by his side. Balloon felt like he could now look back on everything he had done to get there now that he was at the top, and felt proud of himself for the first time. Cabby pulls out a file of herself, and explains that she felt like she needed to either explain or hide her files after she gave the wrong first impression. She had started falling into this false perception of them that everyone believed. She says that instead of just giving in to what everybody thought she was, she formed an alliance and stuck with it until the end. To end off, Cabby thanks them all for listening. Silver says that he had explained himself well enough earlier, but felt that he should've listened to Candle better along the way. He says he didn't feel like he deserved her vote tonight, but hopes that they could try again. MePhone enjoys the opening statements, and tells the Jury to go line up in front of the Calm-Down Cabana to vote for the winner. He also tells The Floor that he could vote, which he thinks isn't fair due to him being an assistant. MePhone says he was in theory, but he was not only a contestant, but also stood on his side through everything. The Jury then begins to register their votes.

MePhone announces that every member had officially voted between Cabby, Balloon and Silver for the winner of the season, and gets up to read the votes. All three tie with two votes each, with Candle voting for Silver, much to his surprise. Balloon and Cabby then both tie with four votes, leaving Silver behind with two. Tea Kettle and OJ vote for Balloon, and Fan and Lifering vote for Cabby as well, leaving the two tied with six before the final vote. The final vote is shown to be from Test Tube, which is revealed to be for: CABBY! MePhone shoots out confetti, while Bot lifts up her arm and Yin-Yang calls for a winner party. Balloon and Silver smile at her victory, placing second and third respectively. The Floor spits out a large picnic table with various snacks on it. While everybody else starts to celebrate, Nickel remains on the Jury bench, looking miserable. Balloon approaches him, saying he look like he had just lost a game. Balloons says to him that he realized MePhone had forgotten "his" vote, and that was what he cared about the most. Nickel jokingly says the forgot a vote thing was lame, with Balloon thinking it was poetic.

Candle tells Silver she didn't think that he would have restraint, seeing him take the Immunity Cookie. HE tells her he wanted a hero moment, but felt unworthy of his her. Candle says that knowing you don't deserve is the first step towards deserving, and urges him to come celebrate. Amidst the celebrating, members of the Unvitational Committee arrive. Yin-Yang and Sprinkles hug, with Yin apologizing for everything. Candle later grabs a camera and takes photos of everybody. Later, She notices a nervous Yin-Yang near a table. Yin tries to play it cool, but is shut out of it by Yang. Yang tells Candle that Yin was very hurt by her betrayal, asking her if she cared at all about Yin's feelings. Candle admits that she did care, and her guilt of leaving is what made her keep her distance. She apologizes to Yin, as well as Yang. Yin and Yang both jokingly bicker over wanting a motorcycle. Test Tube approaches Cabby, congratulating her on the win. She apologizes for not caring much in the game and punishing Cabby for it. Cabby says she understood wanting to protect the ones she cared about. Test Tube gives an apology for everything. Cabby then holds out her hand, asking for a Smart Alliance, to which Test Tube agrees to. MePhone alerts everybody, tellign them he thinks he needs to start giving everything an ending, and was going to leave early to finish a "slightly intimidating project". Fan questions where Cabby's prize was. MePhone realizes most of the contestants didn't know the truth about the prize, but Cabby tells him she had ideas.

Some time later, a large library in the shape of Cabby is seen. Many books of shelves line the place, as many different characters pick out books to read. Zoetrope and Dr. Fizz look up careers on the libraries computers, while the Spring-toys are all sitting together at a round table. Cabby sits in the middle of the room with a book in her hand, recollecting her battle with Silver during the photography challenge. Camera 2 is shocked that she had fought the "Inner-Flame". Bot tells them that they had gotten a great photo after Cabby rammed into him.

Michael and Blue will be Enjoy the Movie and Worldwide only at Malaysia and Singapore, and when Watch from Home and Theater, will hit the Luketron Group 2k Subs, when at Recorded at the End of Movie, when at Subscribers, and Michael and Blue says Farewell at Livestreaming, when Michael and Blue to Say Goodbye, when Bus Arrives. and we gonna say Oh We Still Here, for Now.

MePhone and a now reactivated Walkie watch them from behind a shelf, with MePhone saying that he had never felt as relaxed as he did. Walkie asks him if he ever considered retiring, to which he states that he was only a few years old. Walkie appreciates the new home that MePhone had given her, giving her the ability to do good. He says that he was responsible for than just the contestants, with Walkie telling him to go make some more happy endings. MePhone pulls out Ballpoint Pen's vote, and takes two pieces out of it to spell the phrase "You can do this". He tells Walkie to watch over the contestants for him. She agrees to, and thanks him for giving her another chance.

MePhone exits the building and takes a deep breath before summoning the Rejection Portal, now ready to finish the season that he left. Cabby watches from the window, wishing him good luck. She turns back around to her audience, continuing her story.

It cuts back to April 2020, where in the EXIT, Four is trying to get Roboty to tell him where the other EXITors went. Meanwhile all the EXITors are in The Fourest, with all of them arguing about where to go next. Liy tells them that they should go to the waterfall, Firey Jr. suggests they go into the Fourest and Pencil wants to go back to the classrooms while 8-Ball mocks them. Bracelety then shouts at them to stop or she'll leave if they'll keep fighting, which Stapy likes, thinking of the idea of splitting into groups and regrouping if any of them figure a way out. Liy, Stapy, and Match go to the waterfall (despite Match telling Pencil they need to stick together), Firey Jr, 8-Ball, and Dora go into the Fourest, and Pencil, David, and Bracelety head back to the classroom thinking it might be the way out. On the way, David seems to get sad and Bracelety believes it's because they couldn't save Roboty but Pencil says they could check the classroom in case if he's still there. Pencil opens the door to the classroom where Four then chases them down while trying to zap them. The three then head into another room and after that Four teleports down into the ground. Meanwhile in the room, Pencil, Bracelety, and David look around. Bracelety finds a skateboard, and meanwhile Pencil discovers drawings of other numbers on the walls.

It then cuts to the present day, where the Moon cracks more and more until a hole opens up, revealing another Algebralian named One inside of it, who then greets the audience before the movie ends., will be Michael and Blue will Bus Arrives, to tell about audience, and Michael Says "I'm Coming With a fans, I'm Coming!".

Classifications Ratings[]

  • Argentina: +13
  • Australia: Mature (M)
  • Austria: 12+
  • Belguim: CAT.1
  • Brazil: 12
    • Brazil: 18 (TV rating)
  • Bulgaria: C
  • Canada: PG
  • Ccera: 13+ and 21+
  • Chile: TE+7
  • Coilbookia: 12 and 18
  • Colombia: 12 and 18
  • Denmark: 11
  • Estonia: MS-12
  • El Kadsre: M
  • Finland: 12
  • France: -12
  • Germany: FSK 12
  • Greece: 13
  • Hong Kong: IIA
  • Hungary: 12
  • Iceland: 12
  • India: UA
  • Indonesia: 13+
  • Ireland: 12A
  • Italy: T
  • Jamacia: PG-13
  • Japan: PG-12
  • Kazakhstan: БА
  • Latvia: 12+
  • Malaysia: P13
  • Maldives: 12+
  • Malta: 12A
  • Mexico: B
  • Netherlands: 12
  • New Zealand: RP13
  • Nigeria: 12A
  • Norway: 12
  • Philippines: R-13 and R-18
  • Poland: over 12
  • Portugal: M/12
    • Portugal: M/18 (TV rating)
  • Romania: AP-12
  • Russia: 12+
  • Singapore: PG13
  • South Africa: 13
  • South Korea: 12
  • Spain: 12
  • Sweden: 11
  • Taiwan: 12+
  • Thailand: 13
  • Turkey: 13A
  • United Arab Emirates: PG
  • United Kingdom: 12A
    • United Kingdom: 15A (original rating)
  • United States: PG-13
  • Venezuela: B, C, and D
  • Vietnam: C13


Main Characters[]

  • Michael TubeHD
  • BlueTheFortune
  • Stephen Mulhern
  • Jacob Harvey
  • Jacob's Dad
  • Jake
  • Bry



  • Two

The Strongest Team on Earth.[]

  • Basketball
  • Bell
  • Grassy
  • Robot Flower
  • Snowball

Death P.A.C.T. Again[]

  • Black Hole
  • Fanny
  • Marker
  • Tree

Are You Okay[]

  • Eraser
  • Golf Ball
  • Pen
  • Puffball (eliminated)
  • Tennis Ball
  • TV


  • Barf Bag
  • Coiny (eliminated)
  • Donut
  • Gaty
  • Needle
  • Pin

The S![]

  • Bottle
  • Ice Cube
  • Winner
  • Yellow Face

Just Not[]

  • Bomby
  • Book
  • Nickel
  • Pillow
  • Price Tag

Tear Drop[]

  • Teardrop (eliminated)


  • Four
  • X
  • Clock
  • Pie
  • 9-Ball
  • Anchor
  • Avocado
  • Battery
  • Blender
  • Boom Mic
  • Clapboard
  • Conch Shell
  • Discy
  • Income Tax Return Document
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Leek
  • Onigiri
  • PDA
  • Rubber Spatula
  • Salt Lamp
  • Scissors
  • Shampoo
  • Shopping Cart
  • Snare Drum
  • Tape
  • VHSy
  • One (speaking debut)

Eternal Algebra Class Withfour Students[]

  • 8-Ball
  • Bracelety
  • David
  • Dora
  • Firey Jr.
  • Liy
  • Match
  • Pencil
  • Roboty
  • Stapy


  • Balloony (Cloudy's collection drawing)
  • Barbecue Sauce (dead body)
  • Gelatin (depictions and voice)
  • Remote (Pie's elimination room)
  • Woody (Cloudy's collection drawing)
  • Seven (drawing)
  • Ten (drawing)


  • Rocky


  • Cloudy
  • Nonexisty

Inanimate Insanity Invitational[]

Currently Competing[]

  • Balloon
  • Cabby
  • Silver Spoon


  • MePhone4
  • The Floor


  • Walkie-Talkie
  • Springy
  • Springtoys
  • Dr. Fizz
  • Zoetrope
  • Tyler Bombard
  • Camera 1 and 2
  • Groscer
  • Sprinkles
  • N-Slash-A (doesn't speak)
  • Boaty
  • Steve Cobs (mentioned)
  • Ballpoint Pen (mentioned)


  • Fan
  • Lifering (does'nt speak)
  • OJ (non-speaking)
  • Box
  • Tea Kettle
  • Clover
  • Goo
  • Test Tube
  • Paintbrush
  • Candle
  • Bot
  • Yin-Yang
  • Blueberry
  • Nickel


  • Marshmallow (flashback)
  • Baseball (flashback)
  • Bow (flashback)
  • MePhone5 (flashback)
  • MePhone4S (mentioned, flashback and illusion)

Ask the StoryBots[]

  • Beep
  • Bo
  • Bang
  • Bing
  • Boop
  • Hap
  • Hub
  • Bub


Due to 7Films, because has been a RTV7 Protests, need 7Films Shutdown due to RTV7 Protests on May 10, 2024.

Springy and Villains: a Luketron Live Special (2024)


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