Local stars ready to make noise at New England track meet (2024)

After brilliant seasons inside their own states, a group of Eagle-Tribune area track stars are ready to take on the best New England has to offer.

Led by Windham High star Kevin Brooks, a few of the region’s best will compete in the 77th Annual New England Interscholastic Outdoor Track and Field Championship on Saturday at the University of New Hampshire’s Wildcat Field.

Brooks qualified for New Englands in two events, after winning the 400 (48.93) and placing third in the 100 (10.87) at New Hampshire Meet of Champion on Sunday, also held at UNH.

“I’m so excited for New Englands,” said Brooks. “The track is great here. Getting my PR (at Meet of Champions) meant so much to me. I can’t wait.”

Competing at New Englands will end a two-year wait for fellow Windham High star Kelly Wright, who won the javelin (106-7) at Meet of Champions on Sunday.

“I’m super excited because I qualified for New Englands my freshman year, but I didn’t end up going,” she said. “It was far away (New Britain, Conn.) and there was no bus. Then I didn’t qualify as a sophom*ore. So I am really, really excited to compete this year.

Also throwing at New England will be record-setting Haverhill High shot putter Maddie Goncalves. The junior recently moved into third all-time in the Eagle-Tribune area in the event, and placed third at Massachusetts Meet of Champions with a new PR throw of 41-7.

“I’m heading into New Englands this weekend feeling hopeful and excited,” she said. “Being able to compete against the best throwers in all of New England is an honor and, in my opinion, the best way to close out a great season. New Englands is a great meet with a positive environment that I have dreamed of making since my freshman year. I’m thrilled to be going this year representing both Haverhill High School and Massachusetts.”

The North Andover 4x100 relay team of David Muir, Trevor Hunter, Owen Delaney and Ajani Muzasadila will take the UNH track on Saturday after taking third at Meet of Champions (42.32).

“We didn’t think we would have this opportunity a few months ago, let alone finishing third in all of Massachusetts,” said Muir. “We are extremely happy to have the opportunity to be able to represent North Andover at this meet. Our team’s very excited to complete.”

Record-setting Methuen High Eagle-Tribune All-Star sophom*ore sprinter Lauren Quarm will compete in the 100 — in which she already owns the Eagle-Tribune area record — after taking third at Meet of Champions (PR 11.92).

“I’m so excited to run with the best in New England,” said Quarm. “I would love to PR again.”

Just a freshman, Timberlane’s Danielle Bates qualified after winning the high jump (5-4) at Meet of Champions.

“I’m excited for the chance,” she said. “I want to represent my team and my coaches well.”

A pair not competing at New Englands, despite qualifying, are Central Catholic high jumper Macy Daigle and Andover high jumper Harvey Lys. Daigle was third at Meet of Champions (5-6), while Lys was fifth at Meet of Champions (6-4). Pelham’s Colby Crear, the 300 hurdles Meet of Champions winner, was unsure if he would compete due to nagging injury trouble.

“I was just pretty satisfied with my performance last week and I want to go out on a good note,” said Daigle.

Added Lys: “My body is just tired honestly. I’m tired and sore so I’m not able to compete as hard as before.”

Other Mass. qualifiers include Central Catholic’s John Ryan in the 400 hurdles (55.71), Lawrence’s Cristian Reynoso in the 400 (49.05), the Lawrence boys 4x400, and for the girls Elif Altunkilic (39-0) in the shot put, Franchesca Thurston (118-05) in the javelin and Anya Neira (37-04.25) in the triple jump.

Other New Hampshire boys qualifiers include Salem’s Brock James in the 800 (1:56.77) and Pinkerton’s John Child and Jamison Isaac (15.43) in the 110 hurdles, Jordan Chick in the shot put (47-4.25) and Charles Franks (173-11) and Joe Packowski (153-3) in the javelin.

Other N.H. girls qualifiers were Pinkerton’s Eva Roberts in the dash (12.46), Contessa Silva (11:20.53) in the 3,200 and Jamison Trask (103-2) in the discus, Timberlane’s Charlotte Beaudoin (59.41) in the 400, Windham’s Katherine Klinger (5:18.04) in the 1,600 and Salem’s Gabriella Mosto (32-11.5) the shot put.


Local stars ready to make noise at New England track meet (2024)


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