2024 NBA Offseason: Ranking Every Potential Atlanta Hawks Trade Target For The Summer (2024)

The Atlanta Hawks might be one of the most active teams this summer when it comes to reworking their roster. Not only do they have the No. 1 pick, but they have several players who might not be on the team when the new season tips off in October. Atlanta has to make a decision when it comes to the Trae Young/Dejounte Murray backcourt and other players such as Clint Capela, De'Andre Hunter, Bogdan Bogdanovic, and Oneyeka Okongwu could all be moved in certain scenarios. Atlanta is expected to rework its roster and there have been a lot of different players that are seen as potential trade targets for the Hawks.

Who should be the Hawks top trade target this offseason? I ranked every viable trade candidate for Atlanta and broke down their chances to acquire them (reminder: this is all speculative).

1. Brooklyn Nets Forward Mikal Bridges

I think the Hawks should have Bridges as their top target in a potential trade this offseason, but I doubt the Nets actually make him available unless he asked out, which he has shown no signs of doing. Bridges would be the perfect fit alongside Trae Young and would boost this teams biggest weakness on the defensive end, as well as being an extra ball handler and creator that can get his own shot.

Bleacher Report's Greg Swartzhas the Nets forward as the Hawks's "dream" target this summer:

"The Hawks' best path forward is to split up the Trae Young/Dejounte Murray combo, improve the team's overall defense and try to improve the future salary outlook for a team that missed the playoffs yet projects to be in the luxury tax this upcoming season.

Moving either Young or Murray in a deal for Mikal Bridges would solve a lot of this team's issues. Bridges, 27, is a premier wing defender who could help fix a Hawks defense that finished 27th overall this past season. He'd be the ideal piece to place next to Young as someone who can lock up opposing wings and play a secondary scoring role.

Bridges' contract (two years, $48.2 million) is one of the best in the NBA. If the Hawks choose to move Young and keep Murray as their franchise point guard, Atlanta would only be paying Bridges and Murray a total of $48.8 million next season, or less than Bradley Beal will make from the Phoenix Suns by himself.

There's a lot of talent in Atlanta, especially with the No. 1 overall pick coming in. This team needs a reshuffling, however, with the addition of a player like Bridges sure to propel the Hawks back into the playoffs in 2025."

It is a bit hard to come up with a trade proposal for Bridges, but Bleacher Report's Dan Favale had aninteresting proposalthat involved the Brooklyn Nets:

The Trade

Atlanta Hawks Receive: Mikal Bridges, Dorian Finney-Smith, Phoenix's 2027 first-round pick, Memphis' 2028 second-round pick

Brooklyn Nets Receive: Clint Capela, No. 1 pick

I fully expect Bridges to be on the Nets next season, but Atlanta should check in on his availability.

2. Jalen Suggs- Orlando Magic

Jalen Suggs would be the perfect complement to Trae Young as a point of attack defender at the guard position and also a good three-point shooter. Orlando has not made Suggs available and like Bridges, I don't expect that they will, but there is a scenario I could see the Hawks prying him away. Orlando. The Magic desperately need a lead point guard on offense and the Hawks have a pair of guards that could be on the move. Orlando could still have a good defense without Suggs and there might not be a better guard on the trade market than Dejounte Murray. Could the Hawks send them AJ Griffin and Murray for Suggs and a draft pick? Again, I doubt Orlando trades Suggs, but Murray could be the best point guard available and Orlando sorely needs one.

3. Alex Caruso- Chicago Bulls

Caruso and Suggs are similar players and both fill similar needs for the Hawks. Caruso is one of the best defensive players in the NBA and would improve the Hawks's defense instantly, as well as provide them with a good three-point shooter. So far though, Chicago has been reluctant to trade Caruso, but he will be going into the last year of his deal and might not re-sign with them. They could have traded him for a larger haul than they would get this offseason, but Chicago has tried to stay competitive. Caruso would be coveted around the league and there is not a trade that pops out instantly that makes sense for the Hawks. Would the Hawks trade Murray for Caruso in a swap? That is the only move that makes sense and Atlanta might need a third team. Caruso is more likely to be available than Suggs, but he might be a Bull once the season begins.

4. Brandon Ingram- New Orleans Pelicans

Ingram seems to be the most likely player traded on this list and he would make a ton of sense for the Hawks and it is easy to come up with a trade that makes sense for both sides. I am not as big of a fan of Ingram as others are, but he would fit well in Atlanta alongside Trae Young.

At 6'8 190 LBS, Ingramchecks off the size that the Hawks need and he checks off the playmaking box as well. Whether he has the ball in his hands or not, Ingram can either get his own shot or he can set others up. He has averaged close to six assists per game for the past three seasons and has been a good shot-creator for the Pelican's offense. He had a tough offensive series vs the Thunder in the first round of the playoffs this season, but being with either Young would open up a lot for him.

He is not a perfect fit though on Atlanta, especially from a defensive perspective. If he were to be paired with Young, he would add to the defensive concerns of the team, but they could be overcome because while he is not a great defender, he is not one of the worst in the league and he has size at least. The other thing would be his three-point shooting, as it has fluctuated a bit over the years. He shot 35.5% from three this year, down from 39% last year. The year before that, he shot 32%. There is inconsistency with his three-point shooting.

Ingram is also going into the last year of his contract and will need a new one after next season. Obviously, if the Hawks trade for him, they will be giving him a new contract, but it would also tie him and whoever the point guard is on the team together. Also consider that Jalen Johnson is going to be extension-eligible this offseason, meaning Atlanta could have a lot of money tied up in either Young/Murray, Ingram, the No. 1 pick (unless it is traded), and Johnson.

5. Jarrett Allen- Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland is in a similar position as Atlanta and needs to rework their roster. Assuming Donovan Mitchell re-signs there, Darius Garland and Jarrett Allen might be on the move. If so, Allen would be a great fit alongside Young as a rim-running big who is a great shot-blocker and rebounder. He would be an upgrade over Clint Capela and he is younger too. There is not a possible trade between the two teams that stands out immediately so a third team might have to be involved. If Atlanta traded for Allen, I would assume this means they are taking Zaccharie Risacher with the No. 1 pick.

6. Jonathan Isaac and Anthony Black - Orlando Magic

I think this combo of players is much more likely to be traded from Orlando than Suggs, but I would bet Atlanta would rather have Suggs. Still, this duo could instantly boost the Hawks defense, but there is more risk attached. Isaac is one of the league's premier defenders, but has struggled with injuries and might not be able to play heavy minutes. Black showed flashes as a rookie, but is an unproven player. Would the Hawks want to trade Murray for an injury prone player and a largely unproven second year player? I doubt it, but maybe Orlando attaches enough draft capital to entice Atlanta.

7. Karl-Anthony Towns- Minnesota Timberowolves

I debated over whether to actually put Towns on this list, but there is a non-zero chance that he is moved from Minnesota. The Minnesota Timberwolves may have just made the Western Conference Finals, but they may have a very important decision to make this offseason. The Timberwolves are going to be over the second apron next season if the team stays like it is and it has diminished trade assets due to trading for Rudy Gobert, who just won another Defensive Player Of The Year Award. That has led to some speculation that the Timberwolves could try to trade star forward/center Karl-Anthony Towns as a way to avoid the second apron and get some draft picks and players back potentially.

Though it is still unknown whether the Timberwolves might actually do this, it might be a smart idea for a team that already has Anthony Edwards. Sixth Man Of The Year Naz Reid is ready to step into Towns role as well, making a move even easier. If Minnesota does decide to move Towns, there will be plenty of suitors around the league due to Towns being one of the best offensive big men in the league.

Towns might be the most talented player on this list, but I have him low because I don't know if he fixes the Hawks biggest weaknesses. Towns would be a great offensive fit with either Young or Murray (especially Young), but he is not a strong defender. Pairing Towns and Young would be a disastrous duo on the defensive end and I don't think they will make the move for that reason. Still, maybe the Hawks become enamored with his talent and decide to pull the trigger and surround them with defenders some other way.

There are other players that the Hawks could go after if they become available, but these are the seven most realistic targets in my mind. Other names to watch should they become available would be (in no particular order): Jimmy Butler, Michael Porter Jr, Kevin Durant, Herb Jones, Lou Dort and Trey Murphy III. I don't expect any of these players to be available, but you can talk yourself into all of them being fits for the Hawks if they were.

2024 NBA Offseason: Ranking Every Potential Atlanta Hawks Trade Target For The Summer (2024)


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